EL RETORNO: El Valle Celebra Nuestra Gloria 

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El Retorno is a full program of events, which independent from the Anzaldúa Speaker Series, is also organized to celebrate the life and work of Gloria E. Anzaldúa by “returning” or bringing her to her borlderlands home, the Rio Grande Valley.  Following Anzaldúa’s conception of the significance of ritual practices in the transformation of our lives and social relations, the program is not merely one of traditional academic scholarship.  Rather, it embodies the spirit of transcending academic and disciplinary borders in favor of highlighting the power of the imagination to create inner and outer worlds by kneading or amasando artistic, spiritual, historical, testimonial, and theoretical products.

El Retorno is scheduled annually, but when it coincides with “El Mundo Zurdo International Conference on the Life and Work of Gloria E. Anzaldúa” at UT San Antonio, it takes a day or two prior to the conference’s opening.  As a result, many conference participants traveling from all of the country and abroad first join us in the Rio Grande Valley to celebrate her life. All events are free and open to the public.

Poet and Writer Emmy Pérez is the coordinator and founder of El Retorno.  She is Associate Professor in Creative Writing and Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies at UTRGV.

Past Events include:

9th Annual El Retorn0 – March 21st, 2016


8th Annual El Retorno –  April 2014

El Retorno Poster

6th Annual El Retorno – March 2013El Retorno - Poster 2013.jpg

5th Annual El Retorno –  March 16 2012